Air Traffic Control Simulation on OpenGL

I have a project as cleared from my subject. In this project I have to get the data from the database and then by applying the programming logics display the different graphical actions. My teacher purposed me to use OpenGL, MS Access. I know c++ as well as java. So should by using OpenGL i can able to get my required result as presently I have no implementation experience using OpenGL. if yes the from where I should start my project as I have to complete within 5 month time period. Please give me urgent suggestions. Thankyou

Get the OpenGL red book and ask specific questions when you run into problems with OpenGL. May i point out to you there is also a beginner forum…

Have a look at

It’s the kind of middleware that will help you load models of aircraft & airfields in common formats used in the simulation industry, and move them around under simulation.

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