AI - for capturing someone

I am developing a game and require some help in developing an AI algorithm. I need to have several playerA’s individually (i.e. one at a time) surround a player B and block player B from moving down a particular pathway. I need an algorithm that can determine which pathway for player A to take to move towards player B so that several moves into the future it will be blocking Player B. I have several player A’s so also need to determine which palyer A to move first.

Last I checked, A* (A-star) was the predominate path-finding algorithm in use (haven’t researched this in quite some time). There are numerous ad hock approches to dynamic object avoidance; some of which involve merely trying different path directions via line-tracing your actor/world geometry.

In its simplest form, an A* approach would work by setting you start position to the player’s origin, the destination to the other player’s origin, then run the algorithm with a suitable (distance/time based) heuristic. The algorithm presupposes some structure to your world, for efficiency; but those details will become clear when you understant its inner workings. A search should provide ample documentation and code on the subject.

I hope this gets the ball rolling.

Thanks, this is just the algorithm I was looking for.