I have windows 98 with an SiS 620 super vga display driver, and I just got NeverWinter nights for christmas. So I instal it and try to use it. I then see that I need OpenGL 1.2 So I go to the web site to download one, but unfortunately SiS isn’t under the Glsetup. So I go to SiS’s website to try to figure out what to do. When I get there it’s most’y gobeldygook but I do note that you can down OpenGL with their drivers. There’s seemingly no way to contact those people, and all I want to do is play my dog gone game. Please someone out there help me!!!

Sorry dude but its SiS responsibilty to support OpenGL (whatever version), if they dont your are out of luck I am afraid.

Since SiS is crap anyway you may want to get a new 3D card (Geforce2MX cards are pretty cheap right know and they support OpenGL up to version 1.4 not to mention that they are a lot faster than your SiS (**** in Silicon)