Ahhhh What OpenGL book is worth buying?

Well im a 9th grader (oh dont worry about the math im learning!). I need a recommendations about a book for beginners for OpenGL . Had a bit of trouble with vectors but when I saw some source code it was a walk in the park! Oh yes and the book’s sample codes and exaples have to be in C++. Thanks for the time.

For beginners, I’d perhaps suggest the “OpenGL Superbible”… I find that though it dosen’t, perhaps, reach the technical excellence of the “OpenGL Programmers Guide”, it would have been the book I’d have wanted when I was learning my first 3d programming in 9th grade. It explains the mathematics behind the 3d graphics in an introductory fashion, as well as teaching you how to use OpenGL… =)

When you get more advanced, books like “Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice” (Commonly refered to as Foley and van Dam) and the Graphics Gems series are indespensible additions to your library, perhaps with newer books like “Real-Time Rendering” and “3D Game Engine Design” thrown in for spice.

(Ah, I remember when “Flights of Fantasy” came out, that was a boon for my grade-school mind… Geeze, kids these days don’t even have to worry about rasterization… I dunno if that’s a boon or a bane for them =)


If you want the “holy Grail” of OpenGL programming get the ‘Red book’ aka The openGL Programming guide. The superbible is good, but not as in depth as the red book. Also I reccomend highly the tutorals thet Nehe offers on his site.
browse over to http://www.nehe.gamedev.net

Hi guys,
for the red book, it can be found all over the internet. When I need to read it, I just go to a seach engine and search for OpenGL programming guide, there are a lot of links.
One that works is :
It’s not the lattest version, but it’s still very good.

There’s everything you need in that book (and I don’t think it’s too difficult for a beginner, as I learnt OpenGL with it).