AGP memory

I’ve been experimenting with wglAllocateMemoryNV, and I seem to be unable to allocate AGP memory. Whenever I set the priority to 0.5 or something in the AGP range, I just get a NULL pointer back.

I’m running on a Geforce2 MX AGP, which I thought supported AGP memory, and my agp aperture size is set to 64mb (I have 192mb ram).

Can anybody suggest anything?

did you set read and write to 0 ?

I’ve tried setting priorities to 0 and other settings, but it still doesn’t work.

Maybe it’s just a hardware issue - I’m running win2k, and my AGP mode is reported as DMA, not DIME. Anybody else had similar problems with 7.58 drivers?

There is a tool on nVidia’s site that checks to see how much AGP memory your system has avaliable. If it turns out to be 0, then you should probably re-install your motherboard drivers (it worked for me).

Thanks - I fixed it. A stupid mistake. Guess I should try doing more debugging myself before asking for help.