AGP memory allocation problem

I’m trying to allocate AGP memory with the wglAllocateMemoryNV function with Read/Write/Priority values of 0.0/0.0/0.5 but I keep getting a NULL pointer whatever the size I’m requesting. With Priority of 1.0 I get something which I suppose is video memory because write performance is poor when memcpy’ing a block of data onto it. I’m working on a Asus P5A motherboard (AGP support but I don’t know if it supports “Fast Writes”) with a GeForce256 / 6.35 Detonator drivers. Any ideas? I supposed it was totaly uncorrelated but do I have to enable VERTEX_ARRAY_RANGE before making a call to wglAllocateMemoryNV (I’m starting to be paranoid)?

Try downloading the VAR demo from the NVIDIA developer site, if that successfully allocates AGP memory you know its a problem with your code otherwise its your hardware.

I can’t get the damn demo to compile! I download the demo, open the workspace under Visual C++ 5 and bam ! Something to do with those weird glh includes from nVidia. Is there a flag to define or something?