after opengl usage: everything too bright

after i utilize opengl (for example: playing a 3d game, using visualizations in winamp) it seems as if my monitor’s brightness has turned itself up insanely high. however, it is not a monitor issue. if i log off and back on, the brightness returns to normal during the launch period (ie: when the desktop has appeared and one is waiting for the computer to be fully responsive)

my system is:
intel pentium 4 2.26a ghz
510mb ram
windows xp home (5.1, build 2600)
directx 8.1 (
nvidia geforce2 mx 100/200 (driver version:; driver date: 5/3/2002)

it should also be noted that, since i use adobe products, there is an application in my startup menu called Adobe Gamma Loader that sets my gamma to a previously-calibrated level.

anyone have a lead on this?

nm =p