after effects crashing hard

I recently got my machine back from a full recovry. (P4,xp,3g,1g ram,ge force fx 5200, ATI tv wonder ve, wacom tablet, space mouse, duel monitor).
I installed my apps. I go to run After Effects 6.5, as it comes alive it crashes. A window comes up and refers me to Adobe. Adobe has no info on this problem except to update my drivers for nvidia and ati. I did this before the crash, I did it again after the crash.
I uninstalled, and reinstalled AE6.5 to no avail.
I did notice that when AE starts up, and when going through the files within it, open gl is one of the last files it comes across.
Can this be my problem? Do I need to fix open gl?

Yes, After Effects uses OpenGL.
What have you tried so far? Did you try the drivers for your card?