affine depth replace and dependant hilo in one pass, is this possible?


I’m trying to use GL_DOT_PRODUCT_AFFINE_DEPTH_REPLACE_NV operation for depth replace and GL_DEPENDENT_HILO_TEXTURE_2D_NV in other stage for special painting. Now i use texture unit 0 for HILO texture, unit 1 for depth replace, unit 2 for dependant texture and unit 3 for image texture (which is affeced via register combiners with data from unit 3). But i can’t get it to work and in doubt is it possible at all use GL_DOT_PRODUCT_AFFINE_DEPTH_REPLACE_NV and GL_DEPENDENT_HILO_TEXTURE_2D_NV setting tha both must use previous stage result from unit 0? The querying show that all units are consistent.

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It work now, but i found two issues which i want to discuss:

  1. Use of GL_DEPENDENT_HILO_TEXTURE_2D_NV leads to big performance impact, much bigger than GL_DOT_PRODUCT_DEPTH_REPLACE_NV for example… Is this expected behaviour or not?

  2. Use of GL_DOT_PRODUCT_AFFINE_DEPTH_REPLACE_NV differ from a usage of GL_DOT_PRODUCT_DEPTH_REPLACE_NV in the way i can’t understand why: i must to enable depth writing for AFFINE, while it’s not needed for not AFFINE depth replace…