Advice needed to implement XRef capability in Max Exporter

Hi Collada Experts,

I’m currently working on enhancing the ColladaMax Exporter, which is based on the last available piece of codes built on FCollada.

One of the tasks is to modify the XRef export. The current version of exporter will write something like this:

<instance_geometry url="file:///building.max#building">

followed by the material binding info.

I am thinking, will it be more manageable if we try to reference a <instance_node> instead of the geometry information only? In such case, we will just need to reference a single <node> and all the geometry and material informaiton will be available. Or does <node> is meant for other usage?

And has anyone tried integrating both visual and physics exporters into a single exporter? So far most of the discussions I found are discussing these two topics seperately.

Any tips are much appreciated.

Thanks in advanced.

Why don’t you put your efforts in the actively maintained project at

That url looks invalid to me. I doubt that file exists at the root of the local file system.

COLLADA can reference elements at many levels of the schema so I don’t see that this distinction is meaningful wrt your subject line.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the reply.

Yup, I did try something on OpenCollada. I started with modifying the dae2ogre to load the scene into Ogre, but stuck somewhere when implementing the animation, due to the SAX nature of loading the file. As I have a tight schedule, so I just fallback to FCollada, which has a more complete importer for Ogre at the moment.

The original url is an absolute path. I have removed the directories portion to shorten the line. I might have made a mistake there :stuck_out_tongue:

Got it. I roughly get what you mean. Let me try to digest the Collada specs one more time :wink: