Advice for starting out.

I want to learn 3d with OpenGL, but I am having a hard time deciding exactly where to start.

At work I do 50/50 IOS and Java. I’d eventually like to get into OpenGL ES 2 on IOS but I can’t find any good material.

So far the books I have are OpenGL Super Bible, OpenGL ES Programming Guide and Pro OpenGL ES for IOS.

What route should I take as far as language, platform, version and so on?

Do you mean the ‘OpenGL ES 2.0 Programming Guide’? That book is quite good. I don’t know the ‘Pro OpenGL ES for IOS’, the ‘Super Bible’ is for ‘Desktop’ OpenGL.
If your goal is OpenGL ES 2 on iOS, why not start on iOS? Keep in mind, that the simulator has very different performance characteristics than the hardware (some stuff is faster, some is slower…). C++ and ObjC are both fine on iOS (I guess you already know that).

I don’t see much reason to spend time with ES 1.1 as 2.0 is the defacto standart on smartphones for quite some time now.