Advanced OGL Programmer Needed


We’re currently working on a large project that requires an advanced OGL programmer - preferably with a small amount of C++ knowledge also to work on a large 3d game orientated project.

If you think you can help and have knowledge in OGL programming for games and editors, please email me.

Thank you,


Yeah. Looking for a highly dedicated and motivated team for this interesting little programming concept. Feel free to reply if you like a challenge, working as a team and at least want a mention in the finished article.

ummm… where are you located? Are you willing to have a telecommuter if you’re located far away from a good candidate?


If you can help with our project then sure - you must understand we can’t reward (salary etc) our candidates initially, it is a voluntary project. But we do plan to introduce a company structure and share scheme if we market the software. If you’re still interested, please let me know.

Hello. I just emailed you with a little info about me. May I also suggest that you be a little bit more forthcoming by describing your project a little bit on this board? There are a lot of very talented and knowledged people out there who might be very interested.
Good luck

Psyche; sorry, we are trying to keep our project as “need-to-know” as possible at the moment, that’s why the vague-ness. We do apologise, if it’s awkward. We’ll ensure that once the project is up and running, we’ll have a full project specification available.