Advanced frame timing using XrTime?

Hi. We do not want that the return of xrWaitFrame is delayed because previous frames had less render time. We know that is to minimize latency, but we have our own render time throthling. Therfore we would like to call xrWaitFrame as late as possible. We will delay the call if our renderer is ready early.

The question is: how do we know how long to wait? We know there is a XrTime. Is there some function that relates this time to frame boundaries?

That’s what xrWaitFrame does. Please don’t post the same question in slightly different ways multiple times, just makes more work for folks looking at the forum.

Don’t overthink calling xrWaitFrame. If you want to use more gpu power, then you should predict using predictedDisplayTime and predictedDisplayInterval, what the subsequent frame will be, and pipeline in that way.

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