advanced csg using stencil buffer

as we kown,in OGL we can get a fake csg by using stencil buffer,but a true boolean operations should produce one true solid after oparetion,what should i do to find the valid point of intersections to construt the true solid.
need your advices or some code should be better,
thanks a lot!

have a look at , this may be what you’re looking for.
Otherwise try a google search on csg + opengl, there are a number of possible implementations.




I have a recent CSG program and website I did for a class project. If anyone is interested I could clean it up and give it out cause it does teach how to do “real” CSG.

hky I’d be interrested in “computational” CSG, ie, real geometry calculation.


Here is a link to the CSG tutorial I am re-writing. It is not complete yet, but should be so in about 24 to 48 hours. Currently, it talks about splitting edges and polygons. By tommorow I will post up doing the set operations and using a binary tree to keep track of all the splits.

If you have specific questions or want me to add or remove something from the tutorial, email me at .

Link to CSG tutorial:

PS: I will add sample code in C\C++, Java and Visual Basic once I finish the tutorial.