Adreno (TM) 540 Problem

Hi, I builded my App with Unreal and on my “Galaxy A71 (Adreno ™ 618”) it works perfect. But my “Samsung Tab S4 (Adreno ™ 540”) tells me, when I open the app. “Unable to run on this device! This Device does not support Vulkan.”

I wondering because I thought it should be no Problem on this Device. I just want to know if it is really the device or I did something wrong in the App. Maybe somebody can help? UnrealForum cant help me, Samsung cant help me… now I try it here.

Adreno 540 and the Samsung Tab S4 do support Vulkan, albeit only Vulkan 1.0. So either Unreal requires a newer Vulkan version, or the drivers installed on your device need to be updated.

Thank you for the fast answer. Both Devices are API Version 1.1.87 in the Vulkan Capability Viewer and a driver Version 512.415.0 . I try to do Firmware update on the Tablet now, maybe this helps…

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