Add the GL_EXT_hypertexture

Why not?
This extension will be very important and interesiting to developers, because this extension simplified the volumetric lightining by the volumentric maps…
And the hypertexture… add the fenomenal special effects how as wave light (no geometry), warm light, difusse and specular rendering, as possible with radiosity…

By Hypertexture, do you mean a 3D or 4D texture?

Or are you talking about something completely different?

Both 3D and 4D textures have extensions to OpenGL, but most graphics card manufacturers have not implemented them yet.

ATI has 3D texturing with the Radeon chip, and I am pretty sure that NVIDIA will have 3D texturing in their next chip.

4D texturing probably won’t be implemented for a while in consumer class hardware, cause it uses up TONS of memory, and it would be horrible in terms of memory access.