Add openGL animation in native app.

I have a native app developed, I just wanted to add an animation page into existing app. Can I do this using OpenGL?
I have no experience of animation n all.
My requirement is like I have some points available in database which includes X, Y and Z axis. Each points together creates a swing of bat (I need to join these all points one by one to create swing). I just need to show this thing in 3d animation.

Can I do this with openGL? If you can give me some link sthat would help me as starting.


well yes you can do that in opengl … but first of all need to know what OS you are on …
in android or ios it will be opengl ES 2.0 or 3.0


Thanks a lot for your reply.

I am working for iOS.
Now I started with OpenGLES.framework n GLKit. I created 3d curve using GL_LINE_STRIP.
Now I need to add more objects in that for example Images, bat object, human object and all should render along with that curve. I also want to draw some more shapes.

Still I need some help to perform this.

your thankful