Add illumination/light in GLTF model

How to add illumination or light intensity in the GLTF file ?
I need to glow/illuminate the light in GLTF model.

While most glTF models do not include their own lighting, the glTF format does support:

  • emissive materials
    • note that in most realtime engines, emissive materials may have a subtle glow (e.g. a “bloom” effect) but do not really cast light throughout the scene.
  • punctual lights (point light, spot light, or directional light via KHR_lights_punctual)

You can create either of these effects with, for example, Blender’s glTF exporter.

I added directional light in GLTF node but and tried to view GLTF file in 3D viewer, online GLTF viewer but no illumination or glow is observed.

Lot of unknowns here… What editor are you using? What viewer? Do they both support lights? Have you enabled lights in export settings (e.g. Blender requires this)? Have you tested a few viewers to compare? I wouldn’t expect to see a “glow” but the light should illuminate materials around it. Share more details — ideally, files — to get more useful help here. :slight_smile:


If you mean 3D Viewer for Windows, this app doesn’t support the punctual lights glTF extension unfortunately.

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Thanks for your reply.
I tried changing blender settings but still no light effect is observed in blender when i import GLTF file in it.
This forum is not allowing me add links or upload GLTF models. Please suggest me how i can provide models to you to verify.

Make sure you’ve enabled the lights option in the Blender export menu:

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 9.35.06 PM

It supports Point, Sun, and Spot lights.

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