"Adaptive Terrain Tesselation on the GPU"

These slides on NVIDIA’s website are from a presentation on terrain tessel(l)ation.

terrain slides

It’s hard for me to glean a lot of information from the slides without the accompanying presentation. As far as I know, only ATI has an extension for Direct3D 9 and 10 that exposes a hardware tessellator. The tesselator is being added to Direct3D 11. Does NVIDIA have support for hardware tessellation? Is support ever going to be added to OpenGL?


The slides mention the hull shader, which is a D3D11 concept, so I’m guessing it’s for their next generation hardware.

There’s mention of tessellation (and its OpenGL history) in a recent Siggraph Asia 2008 OpenGL presentation, so it’s probably a good bet something’s en route for GLSL.