ActiveX and OpenGL...


Do you have any example of ActiveX controls (MS Visual C++) using OpenGL?

Any reference to a Web site on which the implementation of ActiveX controls with OpenGL is explained would do…

                Many thanks

Hi Nico…

I have done an ActiveX version of my 3D Viewer but unfortunately can’t spread the source code (my company would not allow me to do that). If you have specific questions however, I might be able to answer them.



Eric - I was wondering what the implications of using an opengl in an ActiveX control. Are there limitations on using different buffers, fragment operations, etc.

My company has an OpenGL app that it would like to distribuite on the web. How difficult is it to convert an application to this type.

Any related links would be great. Thanks,


Hi Harley !

As far as I know, there is no restriction on your OpenGL functionalities…

The main problem with ActiveX is the control itself, not the OpenGL part !

I can not tell you how easy it is to convert your application (what does it do ?) but my ActiveX control was based on a previous Windows Application… It was not too difficult to convert !