Active Window Area


I’m looking at a bug where the active screen area sometimes fails to restore after a right-click menu has been used.

We have an MFC app that has an OpenGL window at its centre to show basic illustrations, and this window supports the usual pan, zoom, rotate functionality. Occasionally (only very occasionally - annoyingly I can’t reproduce this issue on my PC), after a user right clicks to bring up a menu, then clicks away without having selected any menu item, the selected screen area appears to be stuck with the rectangle of the now closed menu, i.e. if you now zoom/rotate only that small area of screen that previously belonged to the menu is zoomed into, with the rest of the window still at its original size.

Now I’ve no knowledge whatsoever of OpenGL, and the person that added OpenGL to the project has long since left the company. It’s one of those things that works fine for years then somebody points out an issue and there’s nobody left in the company that knows the first thing about the code …

I’ve had a bit of a dig for similar problems online but nothing quite the same has jumped out. Any ideas???