accumulation buffer

Is it possible that a Diamond Viper II cannot support accumulation buffer ?


Support in HW, or support at all?

No consumer-level hardware supports accumulation buffers in HW.

But every OpenGL driver I know of supports accumulation buffers, at least in SW. It’s required to pass the conformance tests, so if it doesn’t work, the driver is not an OpenGL driver…

  • Matt

Both Voodoo5 and Radeon supports accumulations buffers.

Not in hardware, they don’t… no consumer-level 3D hardware today supports accumulation buffers in HW. It’s simply a feature that people have decided is not worth it, at least for now.

  • Matt

Humus, are you talking about the T-Buffer in the Voodoo? I know it can be used for some accum. operations. I don’t know if it could be used as a ‘full’ accumulation buffer.

Even if it could be, I doubt that 3dfx would spend the time on the OpenGL driver for it