Accumulation Buffer

I am writing an application that requires me to do two rendered images( each with different lighting params) and combine them to display one combined image on the screen.
I know that to do this I have to use the accumulation buffer (If I am wrong please tell me!).

The problem is that my graphics card only supports this using software rendering which is BAD!:frowning: Could someone please point me in the direction of some cards that support the accumulation buffer in hardware…thanks.


ok, first from what you say here, you dont need no accumulation buffer, second, no consumer graphics card support this buffer in hardware, and to do what you want to do, you need to render the first pass, enable blending, change the light parameters (Altou i really dont think you should do it, it can kill performance) and than render the second pass.

To work with simple blending you have to be sure that your polygons will be rendered in front to back order with depth test enabled or else you may “see through” some of your polygons which should normally be opaque if you weren’t doing your compositing. Not sure I’m clear here…