Accidently Switched opengl32.dll

I accidently didnt make a back-up and now I cant get counter-strike to work. I went to and I downloaded the thing for my ATI Rage 128 and switched it with the one I had, but I still get the “OpenGl mode doesnt work with video card” message when I go to load the game. What can I do to be able to use opengl modes?

I have a similar problem, so somebody intelligent please reply!

Your PC may not know where to look for opengl32.dll. I’m not sure, but you could try copying the new version of opengl32.dll and pasting it into your system directory (c:\winnt\system32 in W2K and c:\windows\system in W9x). It depend where the driver is looking for it.

Did you try reinstalling it? If you completly blow it off your system, reload the standard vga driver and then reinstall the rage128 driver, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work.