Accessing the Rendering buffer..

Hi .
I wonder if there is a way to access the final OGL render before it’s drawn wit the SwapBuffers call.
I’ll explain, I need to do a some kind of radial blur on the final render, I have my own (old ASM dos) routines to do it.
Can I apply them without using DrawPixels routines ?? (They sound slow to me)


Nope, no way to access the doublebuffer, aswell as ANY buffer. But as you say, use glReadPixels, do the motionblur, and then use glDrawPixels.

I did distorion by copying the frame to tex mem and drawing a distorted mesh back to the frame buffer. Faster.


Maybe the final solution is to generate a rendering, reading back the render result to a texture, applying the 2D fx and then draw a quad using the result as a texture…