Accessing array values from a shader

Suppose I have an array variable in a shader, declared in a shader storage block:

layout(std430, binding = 2) buffer MyBuffer
  float lotsOfFloats[];

and a struct:

struct myStruct
 float f1;
 vec3 vf1;

Is there a way to “quickly” initialize an object of this structure in a shader using the values in the array in a buffer storage block ( in the lotsOfFloats array in this example)? Say, in C++ one can copy memory from the array to the object:

memcpy(&struct1, &lotsOfFloats[0], sizeof(myStruct) );

Or one can byte copy array values to the object through assignment:

struct1 = *(myStruct*)&lotsOfFloats[0];

Is there a similar way in GLSL? E.g. will work the second way (byte copy assignment) in GLSL?

Well, as has been advised elsewhere, the solution to this question is that one can pass to a shader already formatted data (array of structs) instead of raw floats.