Access violation from an unknown thread

Im getting an access violation from opengl32.dll in my application. My application uses OpenGL for drawing some objects(texture mapping)to screen in 60 fps.
On main draw thread, opengl rendering context is created and it will perform all opengl operations. No other threads are calling opengl functions.
When the issue occurs, we create crash dump of the process. On analysis of crash dump, opengl thread is in wait state[rendering is in pause mode]
therefore the access vioaltion is not occured from my opengl drawing thread. But the callstack says the last symbols are opengl32!__safe_se_handler_table.

I suspect there are some internal threads in opengl creating this issue.
Is there any chance to have internal threads for opengl operations.
I’m getting this issue after 2 hours of testing of my application.
I tried 2000 times to reproduce this issue, but it reproduced twice.
I cant identify any reason for this issue.

Any indication to identify the reason is most helpful for me.
I cant proove this issue is not related to my opengl operations.

Is there any chance to get access violation from internal thread if i perform somthing bad in main opengl thread ?

Please check the CallStack of access violation thread.
ChildEBP RetAddr
02e5ef38 5ed02335 ntdll!KiFastSystemCallRet
02e5ef4c 5ed0232b opengl32!__safe_se_handler_table+0x25
02e5ef50 5ed0233a opengl32!__safe_se_handler_table+0x1b
02e5ef54 5ed0232b opengl32!__safe_se_handler_table+0x2a
02e5ef58 5ed0233a opengl32!__safe_se_handler_table+0x1b
02e5ef5c 5ed0232b opengl32!__safe_se_handler_table+0x2a
02e5ef60 5ed0233a opengl32!__safe_se_handler_table+0x1b
02e5ef64 5ed0232b opengl32!__safe_se_handler_table+0x2a
02e5ef68 5ed02330 opengl32!__safe_se_handler_table+0x1b
02e5ef6c 5ed0232b opengl32!__safe_se_handler_table+0x20
02e5ef70 5ed02330 opengl32!__safe_se_handler_table+0x1b
02e5ef74 5ed0232b opengl32!__safe_se_handler_table+0x20
02e5ef78 5ed02330 opengl32!__safe_se_handler_table+0x1b
02e5ef7c 5ed0232b opengl32!__safe_se_handler_table+0x20
02e5ef80 5ed02344 opengl32!__safe_se_handler_table+0x1b
02e5f080 7c90f63c opengl32!__safe_se_handler_table+0x34
02e5f0b0 00000000 ntdll!RtlNtStatusToDosError+0x38

Main opengl thread is in pau state at the time of access violation.

Platform: Windows XP Professional SP3
GPU: NVIdia GeForce 9600.
Driver version: nv4_disp.dll 6.14.0013.0142

Thanks in advance…

Have a look at nvidia control panel around option named something like ‘threaded driver optimization’.

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