Access to Khronos repository for academia


For my masters thesis I am planning to create an OpenCL implementation for a custom hardware platform. I want to use a GPU for my project as well. From what I understand ICD is the solution to use an exisiting implementation from the GPU vendor along with a custom implementation. However, it is not possible to implement the ICD without having access the Khronos repository.

What is the process for academia to gain access to Khronos repository?


Hello Taneem,

Thank you for asking about academia access to the OpenCL API. For information about pricing and access for Academia, please visit our Adopter page found at the following link. You will also find an email address for more information near the bottom of the page. Please direct all emails to the attention of Andrew Riegel at Gold Standard Group.

Thank you once again for contacting Khronos. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us again.

taneem, while I don’t want to discourage you, creating a fully-conformant implementation of OpenCL is much more work than what you would expect from a Masters Thesis. I’m speaking from experience here.

Hi Moderator,

Thanks for the info - I’ll follow up Andew.

Hi David,

I understand what you are saying. My goal isn’t really to make a fully conformant OpenCL implementation. But I need to use the ICD framework to have both GPU and my custom hardware work as a single platform. And I need access to the Khronos repo because of that.