Access to Framebuffer


I want to Render a plane with a reflection. I will render from another Position in the scene, capture the Framebuffer, and map the FB on the Plane.

My Problem is, that glCopyTexImage2D is not acceptable in the Performance. It reduce my Framerate from 200fps down to 5fps!!

I found PBuffers. One way to work with Buffers is without GLX an seems a bit “overkill”, because I’ve to build something like a virtual Widget to render on it. The other Problem is, that I only found realy bad Documentation.

The other way is PBuffer with GLX, but the Application has to run under Win32 and Linux. Ok, I may use GLX for Windows, but au revoir Glut Functions.

I need a good hint about that. I have the feeling the PBuffer Way looks a bit Overkill. I’ve to create my Widget by hand, or I’ve a very ugly way to use the PBuffer (with my actual Docu).

Thanks for any advice


Sorry, i saw there is a related topic.
I hope for any links on PBuffer Docs or alternative Ideas for my Reflection Problem.