Acces violation when waiting for fences

After going through the tutorial at vulkan tutorial dot com, I am trying to create a similar project in C. Currently, I have no vertex buffers or anything, just a triangle in a vertex shader. After passing all my checks when initializing Vulkan, i get an access violation issue when calling vkWaitForFences(vulkanContext->device.logicalDevice, 1, &vulkanContext->inFlightFence, VK_TRUE, UINT64_MAX); at the start of the DrawFrame() function, like in the tutorial.

I am storing my types in a big struct VulkanContext, mostly for simplicity now. The semaphores / fences are in there like regular members.

	// Semaphores
	VkSemaphore imageAvailableSemaphore;
	VkSemaphore queueCompleteSemaphore;

	uint32 inFlightFenceCount;

	VkFence inFlightFence;

And they are created in the CreateSyncObjects() function

void CreateSyncObjects(VulkanContext *vulkanContext)
	VkSemaphoreCreateInfo semaphoreInfo = {VK_STRUCTURE_TYPE_SEMAPHORE_CREATE_INFO};


	if (vkCreateSemaphore(vulkanContext->device.logicalDevice, &semaphoreInfo, 0, &vulkanContext->imageAvailableSemaphore) != VK_SUCCESS ||
		vkCreateSemaphore(vulkanContext->device.logicalDevice, &semaphoreInfo, 0, &vulkanContext->queueCompleteSemaphore) != VK_SUCCESS ||
		vkCreateFence(vulkanContext->device.logicalDevice, &fenceInfo, 0, &vulkanContext->inFlightFence) != VK_SUCCESS)
		LOG_ERROR("CreateSyncObjects - Failed to create synchronization objects for a frame!");


The LunarG dump for the fence looks like this:

Thread 0, Frame 0:
vkCreateFence(device, pCreateInfo, pAllocator, pFence) returns VkResult VK_SUCCESS (0):
    device:                         VkDevice = 000002083D968A60
    pCreateInfo:                    const VkFenceCreateInfo* = 000000167198F540:
        sType:                          VkStructureType = VK_STRUCTURE_TYPE_FENCE_CREATE_INFO (8)
        pNext:                          const void* = NULL
        flags:                          VkFenceCreateFlags = 1 (VK_FENCE_CREATE_SIGNALED_BIT)
    pAllocator:                     const VkAllocationCallbacks* = NULL
    pFence:                         VkFence* = 0000020840A4B6B0

which to my untrained eye looks fine, no zero’s or strange numbers atleats.

I’m not allowed to post links yet, but you can view a pastebin of the Lunar G dumb at pastebin com / R96J6ECr

I hope anyone can help me solve this issue im facing

Does the verbatim tutorial program work?