Acceleration in opengles

  1. I was trying to get some acceleration code working. Can anybody explain me how do i use hardware acceleration with the help of opengl-es.

Are there any specific opengl-es api calls which support this?

Could you explain what you mean by “acceleration code”?

There are no API calls specific to hardware acceleration. One main goal of the API is to hide implementation details. The application doesn’t have to know whether the OpenGL ES implementation is hardware accelerated or not. Hardware acceleration “just works” if available.

The hardware being used supports hardware acceleration.

My question was : Does the application needs to make any specific calls to use this or its just by default, if hardware acceleration is supported, opengl-es calls will make use of this hardware acceleration?

I think i got the answer. Harware acceleration “Just works” if available

I have also read in few other posts that user will have to check if the hardware acceleration is being used. How do i check this?

Check the GL_VENDOR and GL_RENDERER strings. On some systems it may be possible to install two OpenGL ES implementations, or the hardware supports OpenGL ES acceleration in theory but only a software rasterizer implementation is installed.

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