Accelerated Stippled Line Drawing

Is stippled line drawing (patterns) supported by the 3D accelerator? How does it work? Any document out there describes the inner working of 3D hardware?


I meant to say if this patterned line drawing is supported by hardware naively or the API layer has to setup the geometry to mimic stipples??? :slight_smile:

If you want some advanced stippling (with images, or with rectangular patterns), so you have to create quadstrip for each line-contour with integrated width, stored at each vertex, and do some vertex-shader trivial math to make stipples be zoom-independent.
AFAIK, stippling is not HW-accelerated, but I can be wrong. Anyway, this built-in stippling is very weak, so I recommend to make it your-own.

Some generations of GPU have stipple hardware. The ones that don’t would need to implement that functionality through the pixel shader probably.

Incidentally there’s a nice little Geforce/Quadro comparison over here. Hardware support for all sorts of stuff like AA points/lines, logic ops, clip regions, clip planes, 2 sided lighting, quad buffer stereo, etc.