Acc buffer + filters + compositing techniques..

I was searching around for more informations concerning all the techniques that can be done using accumulation buffer or similar mechanism. The most common techniques used & well documented are dof, box filters, motion blur, aliasing, image warping, convolution, extrapolation but there are certainly a lot of more effects (filters) that can be achieved as accumulation (like shaders) opens the door for compositing.

Anybody knows good docs about other kind of effects, links or books?


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Hi Ozzy! Long time…

I haven’t found any good info either, but taken the functionality of an accumulation buffer (basically render several different images and blending), I think you can only do a few “useful” things with it (spatial filtering=FSAA&DOF, temporal filtering=motion blur).

On the other hand I think you can achieve a few surrealistic effects which could be useful for special sections of a game (e.g. portals, “drugs” etc), such as blending front/back/left/right views, “partial twisting” (standard view + N x camera rotated about screen Z axis), “partial scaling” (standard view + N x modified X/Y aspect), etc. Think “demo effects”

Wish I could help you more…

BTW. GLFW isn’t dead, but in a state of coma.