Absolute newbie question...

I’m having this stupid problem with my first self-coded openGL program. It just doesn’t draw the stuff i wrote in the Render()-function… i only get a cleared background.
any idea what i did wrong?

some more infos, or code fragments would help, because the list of possible problems is to big, for example, you could have forgotten to set the drawingcolor, or you have enabled lighting without generating normals, or you simply forgot to use glBegin()/glEnd() …

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ok, i uploaded the source file. the url is: http://www.crosswinds.net/~slotty/main.cpp (doesn’t seem to work if you click on it, you’ll have to type it into you browser)

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looks like i found the problem myself anyways. for some reason, the rendering isn’t shown when the window gets a WS_VISIBLE styleflag.