About XBox specs

I wonder if the XBox’s XGPU will support vertex/pixel shader. It is not listed in the specs when some game sites(ign for example) compare it with GAMECUBE and PS2, and those released screenshots do not show it(sth. like per pixel lighting). Well, who knows the answer? Matt, cass, are you listening?

Xbox will have vertex and pixel shaders.

Most screenshots for the Xbox are fake anyway… as there are no finished games for it yet.

Even if some screenshots are “in game” shots of work in progress, they probably wont show pixel shaders off, cos theres no hardware (i.e. Geforce 3) out yet that can run pixel shaders in hardware.

Until then… all screenshots will be mock ups, or just standard stuff.


i heard someone else mention this. can someone point me to a ‘fake’ screenshot + say why it is fake.

the screenshots were edited wtih photoshop… here is a link http://sellmic.com/


Just as further prrof, yes the XBOX will have vertex and pixel shaders. XBOX will use the NV2A, which is based on the NV20. NV20 is the GeForce 3 chip, and the GeForce 3 has vertex/pixel shaders, therefore so will the XBOX.