about wglUseFontOutlines()

hello all:
I want to ask you a question.
I tried to show text on my bitmap background by wglUseFontOutlines(),and I used createfont() to create my font.I set the parameter ANTIALIASED_QUALITY to make my font less jagged,but I cannot ,why? sos.
Thank you very much.

Hi !

It’s because wglUseOutlineFonts() only converts the font glyphs into OpenGL linestrips or triangles, the antialiasing is done when the font is rendered by GDI, so if you want antialiasing you have to do it in OpenGL when you render your fonts.


Thank you Mikael

Now I tried to add my code,I used glEnable(POLYGON_SMOOTH),glBlendFunc() to anti-aliasing my font, I made the font looked less jagged,thank you again!
but as you said , the font is made up of triangles, I anti-aliasing the inner of the font also, I mean I made the font not only the edge, also the inner, what is not I need,
if the background is black ,the font is white ,there are many black lines on the font,what should I do now?
if anybody can show me the source ,it is better.thank you .