About the source code of the opengl es 1.1 version

First, I introduce my software and hardware system environment to you.
My board uses S3c2440 as cpu , this cpu does not contain hardware accelerators.and the linux as embedy os run it.
the linux driver will support framerbuffer device.I look up some information that the egl in the opengl es can operation linux framebuffer device by hardware and software. Of course use hardware accelerator prioritily in the Algorithm of opengl es when cpu has it.
Then I want to base on the framebuffer device ,to run some opengl applications.But I can`t get the source code of the opengl es for version1.1. Please tall me the address for this resource.If you can mention some of the study recommendations to better.

OpenGL ES drivers for accelerated hardware are usually proprietary to the GPU chip companies and are not made available in source code form. There are some OpenGL ES drivers available in source code which are generic and not accelerated, such as Mesa3D:


To learn OpenGL ES, I highly recommend the PowerVR SDK which includes tutorials and everything you need, except for a C++ compiler and OpenGL drivers for your Nvidia or AMD card. This SDK works great on Windows with MSVC or Linux or OSX. Download the “PC Emulation” version at:


Regards, Clay

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