About the display list

Hi, everyone:
Today I read the specificaition of OpenGL ES Common/Common Lite Profile Specification, in the Operation Section,it says like this:
“The basic command operation remains identical to OpenGL 1.3. The major differences from the OpenGL
1.3 pipeline are that commands cannot be placed in a display list; there is no polynomial function evaluation
stage; and blocks of fragments cannot be sent directly to the individual fragment operations.”

As you know, display list is a so important characteristic of OpenGL, and a lot of display funciton are organized by display list. If there is no display list, we have to define the display index by ourselves. A lot of existing source codes have to be modified for according this spec. It is a big trouble for us.

So, I suggest to add the display list into the next OpenGL ES release. Actually, we don’t have to optimize the performance of the display list, but more important is that: we need a general interface to keep our origin source away from modification.

Thank you.
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