about the bezier-based acceleration

Question 1:
if I define a cubic Bézier segment as a path, I need to use the following vgHardwareQuery function to check whether it can be accelerated in hardware. The return value will be VG_HARDWARE_ACCELERATED or VG_HARDWARE_UNACCELERATED. Correct?

VGHardwareQueryResult vgHardwareQuery(VGHardwareQueryType key, VGint setting)

Is there any hardware that can return VG_HARDWARE_ACCELERATED? or is there any hardware can support bezier-based acceleration?

Question 2:
OpenVG provides hardware acceleration for Bezier-based graphics for the first time to provide fluidly interactive performance at very low power levels.

Does this mean that all previous libraries,like OpenGL…, does not support bezier-based acceleration??

vgHardwareQuery can only be used to query hardware support for specific path data formats and image formats, not to query “Bézier-based acceleration”. Yes, there is hardware that can accelerate Bézier rendering. OpenGL does not have Bézier primitives.

thx. which hardware?

Any hardware with an OpenVG driver probably in some way “accelerates Bézier rendering”. However that still doesn’t give you any information on actual performance. If you want that, you have to benchmark your target platform.