About texture mapping with .obj file~~~thanks

Hi there, i am a newb here.
I got a sample code from here.
OBJ reader

And i’ve already load my .obj model from that sample code, and put the texture graphs in the same folder ; but after executing the sample code, my model is come out without textures.
(I’m sure my .obj model have texture coordinates, and it can be opened from other software like 3DS Max.)

Can anyone help me~ :slight_smile: thanks alot.

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did you set up the other parameters and glEnable (GL_TEXTURE_2D) ?

What’s that mean “set up other parameters” :slight_smile: ?

And i’ve already check my code, there is not any word like “GL_Texture_2D”, but there are glEnable( GL_LIGHTING )and
glEnable( GL_DEPTH_TEST ) in my code . How should i do :)? Thanks.

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It looks like this program does show textures.
You can find more information about texture mapping the the wiki:

Feel free to ask more questions.

What is your video card ?
A possibility is that you put NPOT textures, and your hardware only supports POT.

My video card is Nvidia 7950 GT, thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks for suggestion. I’will go check that website :slight_smile:

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