about SPHIGS and SRGP


i’m looking for download link for SPHIGS/SRGP packages for the book “Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice” by James Foley, i have an older edition(1994) that is not especially designed for C, would you reccomend me what i need to start learning Computer Graphics with this book?

This book is THE reference book for computer graphics. Many things, such as rasterization, clipping, or illumination are explained well. As the book is quite old, it does not cover new developments, such as multitexturing or bumpmapping.

Concerning PHIGS and SRGP: I would say that those are dead since mid-nineties or so. You do not want to learn one of those APIs. Windows or Linux versions still seem to be freely available, though.

i’m learning OpenGL, i’m a beginner in this area, would you recommend me book for learning CG with OpenGL, i have Red and Blue Books(print-outs) and OpenGL Super Bible, but i would like to have a textbook for graphics theory and algorithms, i look at “Computer Graphics: Practices and Principles”, but i think that is too advanced or maybe i’m rushing into the material. so, you think that is waste of time to learn CG theory and algorithms with Foley’s Book and SRGP/SPHIGS packages?
is there an analogic book with OpenGL API???