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I am working with ATI RenderMonkey to build shaders.

But after that, I need bring these shaders into my program.
The problem is that the RenderMonkey can use multipass shader to build an effect, and I have no idea about implementation of this mechanism.

If I rewrite each shader of one pass into a function, then call these functions in order.
Dose this method work?

thanks for any suggestion.


You can try a shader developement tool that doesn’t uses multipass, like the Shader Designer (at www.typhoonlabs.com)..) Additionally, we will release in the next week the linux version, as well as a C++ framework, to load and manage the shader projects created with the Shader Designer. (will have shader class, textures classes, an OpenGL states caché, xml parser for gdp files…)

If you want to keep using RM, multipass algorithms are ‘simple’. Draw your geometry one time for each pass, with it’s shader (or states) assigned to this pass, and combine the passes with some kind of blending function (I believe that it is configurable on RM, so you must know what blending function are assigned to each pass)

Thank for your advice.

I will try to implement the multipass algorithm.

And the development tool with framework you mentioned is great interest to me. I will try this tool when it is available.

Regarding with what I said in my previous post in this thread, I have to say that we wont have the shaderLib ready until after Xmas. The current state is this: about the 70% is finished and with documentation. After Xmas there will be a LOT of updates at TyphoonLabs. Shader Designer Linux Version is now finished, but we can’t upload it now because we want do some checkings, and we are going to have vacations today :smiley: . Another update after vacations will be a new version of the Shader Designer Windows version, including the source code of the mesh exporter, and few minor bugs fixed.

So, you will need to wait for couple of days, but I think that it worths.


ShaderLib is a great feature! Keep up good works!


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