about projection matrix calculation


I want to implement 3-channels display(left,center,right,the total size of screens is 31024768).These 3-channels will be rendered by 3 PCs.The viewpoints of 3 channels will be at the same position and three projection planes need to be coplanar. The total horizontal view angle is 145 degree and projection is perspectively.

I think projection matrices of left channel and right channel need to be calculate by myself. But I don’t know to calculate.

Can you give me some ideas?

Thank you very much!

Sorry for my poor English.

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You don’t need to do it yourself. Just adjust the “left” and “right” arguments of glFrustum(), e.g.

glFrustum(-3, -1, ...);
glFrustm(-1, 1, ...);
glFrustum(1, 3, ...);

– Tom


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