About OpenGL performance

I am doing something about CAE project, there are a lot of quads and triangles need to plot. APIMON.exe is used to check where is the bottleblock. Due to performance reason, I compare my project with another commerical software by using APIMON.exe.

In the same size model, the count of my application to call “glBegin” is less than the commerial software. but the time cost is two times more.

Anybody can give me some suggestion, what’s wrong with APIMON ?

Hi !

There can bu tons of reasons for it, are you putting your geometry in a display list or rendering staright away ? and it also depends on your setup of OpenGL, lighting, depth testing, blending, textures and so on.


What he said, and if you’re seriously interested in performance, don’t use immediate mode but start using vertex arrays and if that works flawlessly “port” to vertex buffer objects.