About OpenGL, 2d, and C#

Hi people. I’m working on a new project in C#, it’s going to be a 2-d game of some kind, and I was wondering wether or not to use OpenGL. I’m really new to programmed graphic manipulation, and I’m asking myself alot of questions, and would like some general guidelines.

Will it work on older systems?
Even more basic: is it possible to do (without wanting to kill yourself twenty times) sprite animation?

I’ve searched a little on CodeProject, and am going to go back there now, but any help would really be appreciated. Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

when you say older systems, how old?
I think that OpenGL is pretty much supported by mostly everything ou there (but the performance depends mostly of your graphics card)
And yes, you can do sprite animation with OpenGL… but if you dont use any 3d at all it may be an overkill (I think…)

Well it is more by concern about compatibility. I mean, if I were to make a Linux version, it wouldn’t work out well since it has not the same graphical system… or am I wrong?

If I’m not mistaken, GDI+ is proper to Windows… Enlightenment, enlighten me!

As for the age of the system, I’d like it to be able to work (ideally) on a real basic system. Integrated graph card, stone age processor… I’m exaggerating, but you get the message: Compatibilty is my main concern. Oh yeah, that and making a great game.


only the initialization is different.
Getting a device context is different for each system. Take a look at nehe.gamedev.net. That is is what is system dependen.

cheers Boim