about nvidia, fullscreenantialiasing or about fake and false propaganda


this pic is (as you can see in the link) on the nvidia homepage. if it gets removed, here is the backup: http://tyrannen.starcraft3d.net/free/files/AA[1].jpg

i’m sorry but this pic does a) not show fsaa where it has to (even the “non fsaa” one has fsaa
and b) it does suggest, that with fsaa you get higher resolutions for free…

what’s this matt? cass?

(btw, i got this pic from a friend of mine, he told me he find it iritating, so i now ask you for informations, as i think this is rather stupid as well)


What document is this image used in?



That sucks.

Whoever is responsible for this comparison image should fix it ASAP.
I believe that it annoys more people than it fools.

I guess I dont get it. What is the problem with this image? I do see that the “Aliased” image has some degree of filtering on the edges also, but are you sure that isnt just due to jpeg compression artifacts? Can you please clarify what you are compaining about?

Jpeg artefacts don’t look like that.
The problem is that the “aliased” image is rendered at a much lower resolution, which gives the reader an impression that their AA improve the IQ quite a lot more than it really does.

The aliased one looks incorrect for sure, but what’s wrong with the A-aliased one? If it really looks like that, then that’s super.


the problem is the one on the right is rendered at a higher resolution than the one on the left, take 2 pictures one at 400x800 + one at 800x600 which ones gonna look better!

And one more thing… both the picture have antialiasing… the only difference is that the one on the right is rendered at a much higher resolution…
An aliased picture doesn’t look like the small on the left (it has antialiasing)!

I believe this was a mistake, maybe the picture was done by a non technician…