about NV??

While reading the NVIDIA OpenGL Extension Specifications, I find the product id NV10, NV20, NV11 and NV15 many times. I know it refers to NVIDIA’s graphics hardware, but I realize that I do not know the relationship between these IDs and the announced product name like Geforce256, GeForce2 & GeForce3. Is NV10 equal to GF256? Is NV20 equal to GF3?
Can anyone, especially those NV guys, give me a clear map of these NV?? and GeForce?

OK, I’ll try to answer this one:

NV10 = GeForce256
NV15 = GeForce2
NV20 = GeForce3

I think NV11 refers to GeForce2Go (the mobile version) and perhaps to GeForce2MX but I cannot say for sure… I remember reading that GeForce2Go is based on GeForce2MX.

Why do you need that kind of info ?

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NV11 = GeForce2 MX. GeForce2 Go is also an NV11 variant.

  • Matt

All right, here’s the full table, in the order of release (or lack thereof, in the case of NV2):

NV1 = Diamond Edge 3D, quadratic texture mapping, woohoo! Utterly obsolete. A collector’s item.
NV2 = Sega console chip that never happened. A real collector’s item. They exist, but you probably can’t even find them on EBay.
NV3 = RIVA 128
NV10 = GeForce 256
NV15 = GeForce2 GTS
NV11 = GeForce2 MX
NV20 = GeForce3

  • Matt

Thanks, Matt! It is really nice to have you here
To Eric: when I look though the OpenGL extension spec, I find I can not get to know which HW it is referring to at sometimes because it uses NV**.