About memory leaks

Hi !
I’m wondering about all functions about freeing memory, such as glDeleteBuffers and so on (shaders, programs, VAO, textures,…).
How important are they ? Are GPU leaks possible ?
Is there any purpose in deleting something before the end of the application ?

Isn’t everything freed when the Context is destroyed ?

You can rely upon the implementation to delete objects when the process terminates. Except when the program is about to terminate, it’s worth deleting objects which are no longer required in order to free up the resources both for your own program and for others which may be running.

Deleting a context may or may not delete objects depending upon whether they’re shared by other contexts. When contexts share objects, those objects are only destroyed when the last context in the share list is deleted.

So basically, once I can ensure there are’nt any context, memory is freed.
Nice, thank you !