about Lightmaps

does anybody now where can I get some infos on creating cool looking lightmaps in openGL ?

or maybe it’s quite easy and there is somebody who would explain the main idea of HOW TO…

thanks to everyone helping me…

Alias|Wavefront’s Maya has a tool that exports lightmaps as well as shadowmaps. I’m not much of a Max user, but I would assume that they’d have something similar to stay competitive.

Another approach would be to do something like this:

Create the geometry that you want to lightmap and subdivide it to where you’re getting roughly one polygon per pixel. Texture it and light it, then adjust the “camera” so you’re getting a direct ortho angle. Either use a screen capture util or write the pixels to an image file.

Works great for hallways and buildings and other rectangular shapes, but the technique needs some tweaking if you’re texturing organic shapes.