About hardware acceleration

I used SiSoft, a Benmark software, to check the openGL information of my computer and
got the following result:

Manufacturer: Microsoft Cooperation
Renderer: GDI Generic
Version: 1.1.0
Acceleration: No, Software

Does it means that my computer doesn’t support hardware acceleartion for OpenGL application? Anything can I do to change it?

My computer: Win2000, 128M, PII400, 3D Rage pro AGP2X (8M memory, ATI Technology).

You may want to try to change the color depth of your desktop, and run that utiity software again.

Nothing happened.
What will influence the availabity of hardware acceleration, Video Card or openGL Version or both?

I used to have the same video card running on NT.
I got software implementation whenever Desktop’s color depth is set to 24-bit or 8-bit.
It is written in the driver’s readme file.

the ATI Xpert98 (RageII) card doesn’t support openGL (or it didnt when I had one) get a new card - you’ll appreciate it…

A ragepro is what i have on my imac, and it support opengl. Probably you dont have ati specific drivers. goto www.ati.ca i think

ive heard a lot of bad things about the rage.
BTW u tried 8bit + 24bit which wouldnt be expected to work. did u try 16bit colour depth?